Winner of Melbourne Awards 2016 | Winner of Most Popular Indian Film Festival Abroad 2017
India | 130 min | 2018 | Festival Rating | Bengali With English SubtitlesVictorian Premiere
Sunday, August 12, 03.30 PM | HOYTS Chadstone
A Class I student, Bhutu (Brata), is best friends with Chini (Tiyasha), who joins a Kolkata co-ed school after her parents shift from Gurgaon to the city. What happens when their innocence and friendship are subject to adult judgement?
Director Nandita Roy and Shiboprasad Mukherjee
Cast Broto Banerjee, Tiyasha Pal, Aparajita Auddya, Churni Ganguly and Shibprasad Mukherjee