8 - 17 August 2019

Guest Info

Priya Serrao

Miss Universe Australia 2019

Priya Serrao was crowned the title of Miss Australia Universe 2019. Priya is considered as a beauty queen and an inspiration to the youth and the women, not just in Australia but all around the world.

Born in India, moved from Oman and Dubai, Priya faced many difficulties in her childhood when she arrived in Australia. From being an 'awkward' person who didn't fit anywhere, to a beauty queen, Priya makes everyone around her very proud of her achievements. Priya is a beauty with brains who holds two different degrees in Art and Law and works in the Government of Victoria's Department. Along with this, her social work with United Nations and OakTree is also part of her success.

Priya entering the contest was an impulse choice without any expectations however, worked hard for 5 months to gain this win. Now that she has been so successful throughout the journey, she aims to utilize the platform to promote diversity and inclusion in all fields, so no one has to suffer the way beauty queen did.

# Session Date Time Venue
1 Priya Serrao: Judge at Telstra Bollywood Dance Competition Saturday, August 10 12:00 PM Federation Square
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