India | 22 min | 2017 | Recommended for 15 years or above | Hindi with English SubtitlesAustralian Premiere
Wednesday, August 16, 07.30 PM | HOYTS Highpoint
Film Festivals and Awards
Berlin Int Film Festival – Intl Jury wards Berlinale
Amar Kaushik delivers an honest story about youthful innocence in the acceptance and inevitability of mortality. A young girl is informed of her grandfather’s terminal illness, in a remote tribe of North Eastern India. With death knocking on his door , she watches as he calmly digs his own grave, furnishing it for his comfort in the hereafter with a handful of his worldly possessions. His light-hearted approach to dying is a gentle and laconic acknowledgement of the natural cycle of life and death. Beautifully shot in Arunachal Pradesh, and starring native talent from the Apatani tribe, an organic masterpiece.
Director Amar Kaushik
Cast Dani Chunya, Johram Khopey, Dani Randa
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