India, Norway | 83 min | 2015-2016 | Recommended for 15 years or above | Hindi with English SubtitlesAustralian Premiere
Saturday, August 19, 09.00 PM | HOYTS Highpoint
Film Festivals and Awards
Premiered International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in Nov 2016
Cecilia’s 14 year old daughter is found hanging dead in New Delhi, so she embarks on a fearless crusade, bringing to light a deep network of corrupt and unbudging police, traffickers, judges and lawyers. Cecilia is sure to inspire and move, in an inspiring journey of a mother’s relentless plight for closure, amid the defiance of threats, doubt and ignorance in a corrupt justice system.
Director Pankaj Johar
Cast Pankaj Johar, Rishi Kant, Kailash Satyarthi