Chor (The Bicycle)Buy Tickets
India | 85 min | 2016 | Recommended for 15 years or above | Assamese with English SubtitlesAustralian Premiere
Sunday, August 13, 07.00 PM | HOYTS Forest Hill
Film Festivals and Awards
2016 International Film Festival of India - GoaInternational Children Film Festival of Bangladesh 2017International Film festival of Guadalajara 2017, Mexico
In the rural setting of a small village, the children are enchanted by Raju’s red bicycle which becomes the treasure of the village. Consumed with the desire to experience the exhilaration of it’s ride, Nipu borrows the bicycle, only to have it stolen from under his nose. Experiencing a myriad of emotions, the story progresses as the two friends find themselves and their families divided by a myriad of accusations and uncertainty surrounding the event.
Director Khanjan Kishore Nath
Cast Gunjan Saikia, Raktim Gayan