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India | 115 min | 2016 | Recommended for 15 years or above | Tamil with English SubtitlesWorld Premiere
Saturday, August 19, 05.45 PM | HOYTS Chadstone
Film Festivals and Awards
International Film Festival of Goa 2016
When Varun comes out to his mother Lakshmi, a school’s head mistress, she is torn between relief at his honesty and fear of society’s reaction. But when he embarks on his first relationship, their close relationship is changed forever as societal pressures lead to emotional chaos. India's first crowd-funded LGBT drama explores the deep impact of living an honest life in contemporary India.
Lokesh Kumar is a Hindi film director, writer, and producer. Despite his love for cinema, Lokesh initially pursued a career in mechanical engineering, earning a bachelor degree from the highly esteemed S.A Polytechnic College in India. Shortly after this first pursuit, he found the inspiration to experiment in the short film medium, creating an impressive number of highly acclaimed films like ‘You’re My Brother’ (2013), ‘Wait a Minute’ (2013), and ‘Acid’ (2014). With a deep-seated interest in important social issues and world philanthropy, Lokesh has successfully developed a knack for tactfully projecting his world views into his various films. This is notably demonstrated in his first feature film ‘My Son is Gay’, featured at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.
Having starred in more than 300 television advertisements, Anupama Kumar, is a Tamilian actress with over thirteen years of experience in the film industry. After beginning her career mainly working as an anchor, visualizer, and journalist, she later ventured into modelling and acting, appearing in several Hindi television series like ‘Kabhi Aaye Na Judaai’, ‘Mission Fateh’, and ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom’. Recently, Anupama has starred in director Lokesh Kumar’s dramatic musical ‘My Son is Gay’.
Director Lokesh Kumar
Cast Anupama Kumar, Ashwinjith, Abishek Joseph George
If you are passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights, please donate generously to the GAY AND LESBIAN FOUNDATION AUSTRALIA.