India | 16 min | 2017 | Recommended for 15 years or above | Silent Film Australian Premiere
Wednesday, August 16, 07.30 PM | HOYTS Highpoint
Film Festivals and Awards
The Boston LGBT Film FestivalDIGO - Festival Internacional de Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero de Goiás
“It is a personal film but also a political statement about the law that silences the community.” - Fraz Ansari

Two men in Mumbai make the same daily commute on a train fall in love over fleeting stolen gazes, without the exchange of a single word. As the film progresses, their feelings intensify, though still neither can muster the courage to With homophobia causing extreme social prejudice and penal code 377 forbidding homosexual intercourse life in the gay community in India is no easy feat. India’s first silent queer love story unfolds over 20 minutes of deep stares and no words.
Director Faraz Ansari
Cast Jitin Gulati, Dhruv Singhal
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