Wrong Side RajuBuy Tickets
India | 145 min | 2016 | Festival Rating | Gujarati with English SubtitlesAustralian Premiere
Sunday, August 13, 06.00 PM | HOYTS Highpoint
Film Festivals and Awards
Best Feature Film at Vancouver South Asian Film FestivalLondon Asian Film FestivalNew York Indian Film FestivalNational Award Best Gujarati Film
Part-time bootlegger Raju aims to go legit by opening his own travel agency. But he’s on a one way trip to hell after witnessing a fatal car crash. Caught between powerful corporate interests on one side and corrupt police on the other, it’s going to take all of his smarts to get out of this jam. Gujurati films’ resurgence continues with this knockout debut from director Mikhil Musale and producer Anurag ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ Kashyap.
Director Mikhil Musale
Cast Prateek Gandhi, Kimberly Macbeth