Winner of Melbourne Awards 2016 | Winner of Most Popular Indian Film Festival Abroad 2017
My Pure Land
92 min | 2017 | Festival rating | Urdu With English Subtitles
Saturday, August 11, 05.00 PM | HOYTS Broadmeadows
Based on a true story, the film casts a withering look at the patriarchal system of that nation and the corruption of the local authorities. Told in a non-linear style, it tells of three women faced with armed men led by her uncle who try to take her property forcibly from her. They lay siege to the house, fuelled by a sense of entitlement where men often have elevated property rights over women, even in a situation such as this one where the women were quite clearly the rightful owners of the land.
Director Sarmad Masoud
Cast Suhaee Abro, Eman Malik, Syed Tanveer-Hussain, Razia Malik