#IFFM Celebrates YOU

This year we are celebrating the spirit of giving back by recognizing community heroes who have contributed to or helmed projects that helped Victorians, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nominate someone who you think is a hero and help us recognize their contributions. You can even nominate yourself!

#IFFMHero nominations are open now!

Share your entries with us on info@mindblowingfilms.com or publish it on your social media page and tag us!



Daman Shrivastav, one of the most popular and inspiring chef's who has kept the courage consistent and shown his upgraded cooking skills by conducting cooking shows called DDs kitchen for seekers and helping international students and homeless through feeding meals in these difficult times.


#InternationalStudentsSupport group is working hard to support International students with food and other essential needs. Also getting great response from the community. People are sending cooked food, groceries for International Students.


COVID-19 has taken a toll on many people's lives, especially international students. But Shrishti found a way to overcome the situation not only for herself rather by helping others by selling hand sanitisers and face masks setting out as an example during this pandemic.


Gary gives tirelessly to so many worthy causes, he thrives on helping others & uniting people for a better tomorrow. Community setbacks of COVID-19 have further fuelled his efforts to reach people near and far.

Aside from his frontline volunteering the online support he offers is constant. Creating teams of professionals through online meetings to help and encourage community discussions and then respond to needs.


When international students and migrants could not receive aid, #PoojaLohana started a Facebook group called Indians in Melbourne (The Kindness Project) where those who needed support could get in touch with those who were willing to offer it!

She is our #IFFMHero, who has managed to create a strong community of seekers and supporters in such a short time span.

Thank you, #DilpreetKaurTaggar for the nomination!


IFFM applauds #IFFMHero ALEX, who has given up his global and science degree in Monash University to feed our frontline doctors and nurses.

"Alex Dekker of alexmakesmeals.com started his business by chance - He made lasagne for his sister who is a doctor at the Monash medical and asked if he could be of any help as they worked tirelessly with just a trail mix bar if they were lucky. They forget to look after themselves So he made 12 lasagne box and dropped them with his sister.

As we are in lockdown he is still churning out meals for our front line workers and keeping them fed with his food and love. God Bless Alex. And yes both companies are here to stay and continue their charity work"


She’s not only a frontline worker, working for the Department of Justice and community but also devoted two years of her life, as a welfare officer with the refugees on Christmas Island, Perth detention. She was the only Indian woman on the island, supporting other females and children, refugees as a translator, and teaching arts and crafts. It gets better, she is also a class table tennis player. She also made it her own and continued to surprise me when she won the Police and Emergency Games Victoria twice.

A model, an artist who paints the brush as if she’s born with it and acts as if it comes naturally to her, recently completed a short film. She’s an animal lover, volunteers for RSPCA and these days she happily lives with her Cat Kyra, her family here Avanti is my role model inspiring me and still continues to fascinate me with her energy - never exhausting, only challenging. This is a token, a small tribute to our friendship - Nominated by Nandita Chakroborty.