8 - 17 August 2019


Australian Premiere
Tuesday, August 13, 09.00 PM | HOYTS District Docklands
DAVID is trying to retrace the final journey of his girlfriend MUMTAZ, whose mysterious death has left him devastated. A photographer by profession, she has left him a photo of KRISHNA, a young boy, who he must find. He seeks out DR. SHARDA as his guide. Parallely, RADHA, a young girl, migrates to the city. Years after, working as a surrogate mother, she recalls the violence that she has fled from the countryside. Drawing together these stories into a poetic and political narrative, DUST takes the viewer to India and into one of the longest drawn conflicts simmering at its heart.
Festivals and Awards
  • 69th Berlinale International Festspiele Berlin
  • Official Selection: New German Cinema
  • Udita Bhargava
  • Morten Holst, Vinay Pathak, Kalyanee Mulay, Abu Bakr Golu, Amrita Bagchi
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