8 - 17 August 2019


Hindi with English subtitles
Australian Premiere
Sunday, August 11, 03.00 PM | HOYTS Highpoint
When Chippa is handed a letter addressed to him, from his father whom he does not remember, the little boy decides to leave his pavement abode and find out more. Unfortunately, the letter is written in Urdu so he needs someone to read it for him. A fight with his grand aunt (with whom he lives) confirms his initial intention. At the stroke of midnight, on his tenth birthday, Chippa grabs a bag full of knick-knacks and heads out to discover the city and its street nightlife, while trying to discover the connections to his father. Chippa is a coming of age tale, told through a single night in the winters of Kolkata. While the story at its core is gritty, the film is seen through Chippa's eyes, full of magic, wonder and enchanting conversations.
Festivals and Awards
  • Winner 5th DFW South Asian Film Festival BEST CHILD ACTOR for Chippa Movie
  • Winner New York Indian Film Festival BEST CHILD ACTOR for Chippa Movie.
  • Sunny Pawar, Masood Akhtar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Joyraj Bhattacharjee and Sumeet Thakur
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