8 - 17 August 2019

Guest Info

Rima Das

Film Maker

A perfect embodiment of self-taught and self-made; Rima Das has paved a new way for independent cinema in India. Ms Das completed her Masters in Sociology, however her interest in acting lead her to Indian Cinema, where she discovered film making to be her true passion.

Without any prior experience or any formal education in film making Ms Das created her first feature film; Paratha in 2009. Her first feature film Antardrishti (Man with the Binoculars), shot completely with a Canon DSLR gained her international recognition. Screened at Cannes Film Festival, The Mumbai Film Festival and the Tallin Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia, it officially marked Ms Das as the one-woman crew.

Ms Das managed the writing, directing, producing, editing, shooting, art direction and costume design of the film, becoming an inspiration and the epitome of hard work. The content in her films come as a breath of fresh air for independent cinema. Engaging her audiences with her raw style of film making and light-hearted content, Ms Das has set a new definition to self-made and inspiring cinema.

# Session Date Time Venue
1 IFFM Chat with Rima Das: Stories by women we love Saturday, August 10 7:30 PM Arts Centre Melbourne
2 Q & A with Rima Das: Bulbul Can Sing - Opening Night Friday, August 9 7:00 PM HOYTS District Docklands
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