Message from IFFM Festival Director

Message from IFFM Festival Director

IFFM Film Director Mitu Bhowmick Lange

Namaste and welcome to IFFM 2020,

What a year 2020 has been! The pandemic has left us all in pandemonium and has forced us all to think beyond the box and be unorthodox in our approach. Here we are nine months into this tumultuous year, and we are still reliving every moment of last year’s SRK magic.

As things have changed around us, the love for cinema hasn’t. Our main objective is still to bring you the best of Indian cinema. The cinema halls are closed right now, but they will reopen, and we will be back there soon catching the magic of the cinema once again. But we have not taken our foot off the pedal and have gone all out to design and invent IFFM Film Club, inviting acclaimed actors and directors via Zoom into our living rooms.

We have also redesigned our program to bring you a more innovative way of enjoying the festival this year - digitally.

These unprecedented times call for more profound directions and we cannot think of a more appropriate theme this year for our festival - "Together". Together we can get through these tough times and with that purpose in my heart, I am proud to say that The Indian Film Festival this year supports the Mental Health Foundation of Australia. It is a defining moment for all of us here at the festival not only to be a part of this foundation but together we can spread the message of hope. And together we hope you will enjoy the festival and support this worthy cause with your donation. No amount is too big or too small, with donations starting from 2 dollars and all proceeds going to the foundation.

The movies, the documentaries, short films and our Zoom chats in some way or the other will elaborate and demonstrate on the theme "Together".

In a digital world, though we are restricted, our creativity is unlimited; so, we will continue to chat with the actors, writers, producers and directors via Zoom.

Every year we recognize and reward filmmakers; 2020 is no different. We are overwhelmed with the quality of submissions we have received for our short film competition. All the films are on par with the theme of the festival. We just can’t wait for you to see the films that have come to the festival this year.

Over the past 11 years, the film festival has grown from strength to strength and yes, this year is no different. Even though we cannot be together, we are still connected. Your wonderful support and love for the festival during these times have pushed us to excel further. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to bring you another year of storytelling. Every donation you make to see these films will go to the Mental Health Foundation of Australia.

We look forward to you joining us at IFFM 2020 digitally, from your living rooms to ours, where movies, music, stars and stories evolve and revolve in this ever-changing world around us - keeping us together with their art.

Mitu Bhowmick Lange
IFFM Festival Director