Educate The Educators

Initiated in 2016, Educate the Educators (ETE) was launched as a platform to help equip educators with the mind and skill-set required to address the teaching needs of special needs children. Launched by leading Indian film actress and IFFM Ambassador Vidya Balan in 2016, Educate the Educators, has collaborated with Blue Bells International School (New Delhi, India) and La Trobe University to help identify a wide range of potential opportunities to develop and sustain education. This ambitious collaboration ultimately aimed to bring both Australian and Indian educators together to address the diverse range of teaching techniques required to promote healthy learning among children with special needs.

The Educate the Educators programs has garnished great success, enriching the minds of students in both La Trobe University and schools of children in India, by providing an alternative education route to develop the same skills as ordinary students.

IFFM is proud to know that the ETE will be further built upon in future years, as it expands its training model to provide faculty and training programs for schools and teachers throughout India.