14 Years Highlights

IFFM 2010-2023

14 years of unlimited fun
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2010-2023: A Journey Through the Last 14 Years

Guinness World Records


Organised by the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, 1235 participants gathered along the Yarra River, breaking the Guinness World Record for the 'Largest Bollywood Dance.' The spirited event featured diverse individuals dancing to the chart-busting hit 'Munni Badnaam Hui,' led by Munni (Malaika Arora Khan) herself. This record-breaking celebration became a highlight of the 2011 festival.

Festival Ambassador Vidya Balan

2012 - 2017

Message from Vidya Balan “Many people do not realise just how broad the reach of Indian cinema is; and how many genres and styles it produces. If I can help introduce any Australian movie lovers to the incredible industry I’m so proud to play a small part in, then I’m happy.”

Yash Chopra Cinema


For the first time in Australia, a cinema was named after the much-loved Indian filmmaker. The Agora Cinema at La Trobe University was renamed 'Yash Chopra Cinema' during the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2013. This tribute to iconic Indian filmmaker Mr. Yash Chopra, launched by Mrs. Pamela Chopra, adds a special touch to the ongoing festival.

Yash Chopra Cinema

The Inaugural Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne Awards


In 2014, the inaugural Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Awards marked a historic moment at the Princess Theatre. The prestigious event honoured cinematic excellence, presenting awards to Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut, Ritesh Batra, Farhan Akhtar, Irrfan Khan, Rakesh Mehra, and the team behind Dhoom 3. The night celebrated Indian culture with film, dance, and music, culminating in a memorable selfie moment with Bachchan and the enthralled audience.

Equality Fashion Show


This night at NGV dazzled with glamour, cinematic celebration, and the inaugural Equality Fashion Show. Celebrities, fashion bloggers, and families witnessed a collaboration between Australian and Indian designers, presenting a stunning blend of colour, lights, and sound. The theme of equality resonated in the inclusive model selection. Anil Kapoor received the IFFM Award for Cinematic Excellence, and Sonam Kapoor closed the night stylishly in an Anamika Khanna gown.

Winner Of Melbourne Awards


The festival, acclaimed locally and internationally, has been honoured for its purpose, format, execution, and impact. In 2016, it received the Melbourne Award for 'Contribution to Multiculturalism by a Corporation,' solidifying its recognition and commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion. Read More

Winner Of Melbourne Awards

Educate The Educator


Launched in 2016 by renowned Indian actress and IFFM Ambassador Vidya Balan, Educate the Educators (ETE) aims to empower educators in addressing the unique needs of special children. In collaboration with Blue Bells International School (New Delhi) and La Trobe University, ETE fosters cross-cultural learning to enhance teaching techniques for students with special needs, marking a successful initiative in both Australia and India.

#IFFM Hero Competition


#IFFMHero is a unique initiative by the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne that calls upon individuals to showcase their acts of kindness. Elevate your deeds to heroic status by sharing them on social media with the hashtag. Whether contributing to community gardens or bringing joy to hospitals, every gesture counts. IFFM encourages its audience to spread positivity, and by recognising it, IFFM provides a chance to win exclusive film rewards and festival tickets.

IFFM Hero Competition

Shah Rukh Khan La Trobe University Phd Scholarship


The Shah Rukh Khan La Trobe University PhD Scholarship acknowledges the humanitarian and social justice contributions of international icon Shah Rukh Khan. Renowned for his philanthropic endeavours, Shah Rukh Khan introduced this scholarship in collaboration with the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and La Trobe University.

Shah Rukh Khan La Trobe University Phd Scholarship

IFFM Streaming Platform


Due to the pandemic, IFFM 2020-2021 transitioned into a virtual festival, unveiling its streaming platform. Audiences can immerse themselves in the world of Indian cinema at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. The platform features curated content in local and regional Indian languages, available for free across Australia, with an option to donate to the Royal Children's Hospital. Notably, the IFFM streaming platform has garnered impressive viewership.

IFFM Streaming Platform

Preheating The T20 World Cup: A Celebration Of Film And Sports


IFFM seamlessly blended sports and cinema at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) - the Film 83 Team, featuring director Kabir Khan and cricketer Kapil Dev, engaged in a vibrant conversation. During the celebration of the 75th Indian Independence Day at Federation Square, IFFM guests Kapil Dev and Abhishek Bachchan captured the moment with the T20 World Cup. These events have garnered global attention, setting the stage for Australia's hosting of the T20 World Cup in 2022.

The Inaugural IFFM Curtain Raiser


IFFM 2023 buzzed with pre-festival excitement, spotlighting the curtain raiser event 'IFFM Chats: Rajeev Masand in Conversation with Rani Mukerji, Karan Johar, and Kartik Aaryan.' Over 800 attendees witnessed Indian cinema icons sharing insights. The night at the Immigration Museum was unforgettable with inspiring conversations, chai, and Indian snacks from the food truck, exploring another possibility of the Immigration Museum's iconic long room and reaching out to more new audiences!