My Melbourne

My Melbourne is a screen initiative and a vibrant cultural celebration initiated by the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.

We've joined forces with four iconic Indian filmmakers - Rima Das, Imtiaz Ali, Kabir Khan, and Onir - to craft four remarkable short films that celebrate our core values of Diversity and Inclusivity.

Our motto is simple yet powerful - "a film with you, about you, and for you." Our aim is to create a series of films that authentically reflect the lived experiences and heartfelt stories of our community, drawing inspiration directly from their unique narratives.

Each film will revolve around one of four profound themes: Sexuality, Gender, Disability, and Race. This anthology will shine a spotlight on contemporary diverse life in Melbourne, with each story unfolding on the Melbourne streets and neighbourhoods, featuring local talents, and led by four of the world's most respected filmmakers.

We've been overwhelmed by the incredible response from local creatives, who have enthusiastically embraced this screen initiative. And we’ve already accomplished two out of the four parts of this feature film in March 2023.

Stay tuned for an immersive cinematic journey that celebrates the richness of diversity and inclusivity, brought to life right here in Melbourne!

My Melbourne Partners